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Leveraging CFR 49 Part 192 for Robust Engineering Solutions at JML Design Inc.

CFR 49 Part 192 refers to the Code of Federal Regulations Title 49, Part 192, which pertains to the regulations for the transportation of natural and other gas by pipeline. These regulations set standards for the design, installation, inspection, testing, construction, extension, operation, and maintenance of pipeline facilities used in the transportation of gas. The regulations cover various aspects of pipeline safety, including requirements for pipeline materials, welding procedures, corrosion control, pressure testing, and emergency response planning.

At JML Design Inc., we recognize the pivotal role that compliance with regulatory standards plays in our engineering and design projects, particularly in the realm of midstream natural gas. CFR 49 Part 192, with its stringent safety requirements for the transportation of natural gas by pipeline, serves as a foundational framework that informs our approach to engineering solutions.

One of the key ways JML Design Inc. can leverage CFR 49 Part 192 is by incorporating its requirements into our project planning and execution processes. By understanding and adhering to these regulations from the outset, we can ensure that our engineering designs not only meet but exceed the minimum safety standards set forth by the regulatory authorities.

CFR 49 Part 192's emphasis on integrity management programs is of particular importance to JML Design Inc. These programs, which focus on assessing and mitigating risks associated with pipeline systems, align with our commitment to delivering robust and reliable engineering solutions. By integrating integrity management principles into our design and construction processes, we can enhance the safety and integrity of the pipelines we engineer.

CFR 49 Part 192's requirements for pipeline design and construction provide valuable guidance for our engineering teams. By adhering to the specified materials, construction methods, and welding standards outlined in the regulation, we can ensure that our pipelines are not only safe but also durable and long-lasting.

JML Design Inc. can use CFR 49 Part 192 as a roadmap for developing innovative and compliant engineering solutions in the midstream natural gas sector. By incorporating the principles and requirements of this regulation into our projects, we can uphold the highest standards of safety, reliability, and environmental stewardship in our engineering designs.

About JML Design, Inc.

JML Design Inc. is a specialized pipeline design firm focused on midstream pipeline projects, offering a comprehensive range of services from initial planning to construction support and project management. For over 25 years, our dedicated team of experienced pipeline engineers, designers, and project managers collaboratively develop custom solutions to meet client-specific needs and objectives. With expertise in pipeline routing, hydraulics, materials selection, and environmental permitting, we employ advanced tools including 3D modeling and GIS mapping for precise designs. The JML Design team places a strong emphasis on safety, environmental protection, and regulatory compliance, consistently exceeding industry standards. We have a proven track record of delivering high-quality pipeline solutions, making JML Design and its affiliate, AccuSurv, a specialized pipeline and land surveying company, trusted partners in midstream pipeline design projects. For more information, please contact Michael Lawson at



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